The THERMOPISTA – Components Electronics, Lda. is present in national and international markets and develops and sells various electrical and electronic products, always trying to provide even greater value, with value for money combined with a highly competitive excellent customer service.

We are a provider of complete solutions. We have a close working relationship with our customers, guided by: INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP, ECONOMY, RELIABILITY AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

We specialize in the design, development, installation and maintenance of specific solutions, tailored to each particular need, with flexibility and creativity, coupled with a minimum cost and bureaucracy.

We are endowed with knowledge and equipment, we give a special aptitude in our areas, always be looking constantly updated supply of new products and solutions focusing on the industrial market.


Being a partner of reference for institutions and organizations in transforming knowledge into value in areas that include electronics and engineering


Help organizations differentiate themselves by transforming ideas into products using electronics and engineering

Development and production of electronic components, technologically advanced, with an appropriate price, the best quality and within the deadlines for several industries, including electronics, automotive and appliances, both nationally and internationally.

The company aims to achieve a full and constant quality of products it produces, as well as a comprehensive collaboration to all people, focusing on self-control, so that the final product reaches the customer with the quality he desired.

We are positioned as:
"Company with capacity to satisfy the many needs of industrial companies that require electronic and electrical components."

In this context, the thermocouples demand not only the quality of the product but also the timeliness of delivery and improving the efficiency of the organization so that in this way, prices could stabilize the longest period of time.

We aim to:
Ensuring a high quality of service that exceeds customer expectations. Being able to gain the trust and loyalty of business and professional relationships with suppliers and employees. Ensure the return of all the permanent defense of values such as: customers, efficiency, accuracy, determination and the environment.

Our Goal

Our ambition is to become one of the greatest suppliers in the area of the technology of electronic and electric development. Therefore, we place the partnership with the customers, the investment in human capital and practical knowledge as our rst priorities.

We have in course a strategy of consolidation of the present customers and expansion for new markets, such as Germany, France and Spain.?


The markets for action of THERMOPISTA are:

  • National Market
  • International Market

Inside of the International market the volume business-oriented developed is distinguished clearly in Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, France and Belgium.

The products the company develops and manufactures have been divided by the following strategic segments:

  • Cabling (cold sector and renewable energy, etc.);
  • Plastic injection;
  • Windings;
  • Insertion of SMD components and conventional;
  • Marketing, installation and servicing of telephone exchanges and video – porters;

Besides these areas, we intend to manufacture a range of items as well as some additional services, and the more pressing the following examples:

  • Repair of telecommunications equipment;
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards, SMD and conventional;
  • Manufacture of chandeliers;
  • Planning and assembly of electrical networks;

The THERMOPISTA markets its products directly to their enterprise customers, without intermediaries, either in the national market, either in the international market.

We are now determined to extend our market, envisaging the possibility of moving to other countries and invest in other types of market segment.


It has been our concern to develop a constant effort to improve the quality of our products to better meet the demands of our customers. In this sense our aim is to implement the Management System of Quality Assurance according to the reference ISO 9001:2008, a process that is already in an advanced stage of implementation.

We are aware that we operate in a market with high demand, which requires systematic and procedural activities and documented, where the levels of product quality and process, cost and responsiveness are critical factors.

Major Customers:

  • ALCATEL Bell
  • ALCATEL Lucent
  • RCS Sistemas de Controlo Remoto, SA
  • EFACEC Sistemas de Electrónica, SA
  • BLAUPUNKT –Auto rádio Portugal, SA
  • DIEHL, Lda
  • José Júlio Jordão, Lda
  • EPME – Empresa Portuguesa de Montagens Eléctricas, SA
  • JANZ – Contadores de Energia, SA

Strategic factors to privilege

We present the main factors that differentiate our products and services from our competitors:

  • The constant improvement of production efficiency, so that in this way, prices could stabilize the longest period possible;
  • The timeliness of delivery;
  • The quality and reliability of our products;
  • Technical support and after-sales service we provide;